Customizing the Composer User Interface

When you install Composer, default UI settings are applied. These settings include: logo, favicon, header and footer settings, banner links, and login screen settings, and more. You can manage links to help content, customize copyright info, and change or remove the link to terms of use. To match the style of your company, you can also upload a custom .css to modify the default Composer skin or a custom JavaScript (.js) file to include on every page. This topic guides you in customizing the UI of the installed Composer instance as required.

The customization settings are organized into five categories. Read the following sections for information.

Read... For information about ...
Customizing the Application Customizing the application title or favicon or about uploading a custom CSS or JavaScript file.
Customizing the Header Customizing the header and its height.
Customizing the Footer Customizing the footer and its height.
Customizing the Banner Customizing the banner on each page.
Customizing the Login Screen, Home Page Background, and About Box Customizing the Login and About screens.