White Label the Interface

While Composer provides ways to change the default UI settings for the interface, there may be cases where further customization is desired. To further customize the Composer interface, you can upload a custom CSS file that includes the changes you want to apply to the interface. If you want to change the default logo, copyright information, or help content see Customizing the Composer User Interface. The white labeling capabilities described within the overview aim to extend control of customization that the supervisor and developers have over the look-and-feel of the interface that users see.

Be aware that the Composer user interface is often enhanced between releases and those enhancements often affect the application's CSS. You should plan time to update your custom CSS between version upgrades.

What Can I Do With White Labeling?

  • Make the Composer Login page look like my company
  • Re-theme banners, backgrounds, and tiles for the Home Page
  • Change the colors within the Composer client

What Do I Need?

  • Supervisor access to the account(s) you want to customize
  • Familiarity with CSS

Where Do I Get Started?