Editing a Data Source Configuration

To edit a data source configuration:

  1. Make sure you are logged in as a Composer administrator or as a user assigned to a group that can edit data source configurations.

  2. Select Sources on the UI menu () or the top-level navigation menu, or select the Sources box on the Home page. The Sources page appears.

  3. In the table on the Sources page, locate and select the data source configuration you want to edit. The data source configuration wizard appears.

  4. Select and alter the settings on the tabs in the data source configuration wizard, as appropriate.

    See also Defining a Data Source Configuration.

    If you change the data table (schema, index, or collection) used by the data source configuration on the Tables/Indices Tab, you will be prompted to confirm the change because it will be applied to any visuals currently using this data source configuration. In addition, because the field, visual, and refresh settings are reset to defaults after you change the data table, you are encouraged to review and alter (if necessary) the Fields tab, the Refresh tab, and the Visuals tab for the configuration.

    For flat file data connectors, the Connection tab is replaced with a Data tab and there is no Tables or Indices tab.

    For information on configuring the time bar or search bar defaults, including the refresh rate settings, for your data source, see Configuring Time Bar Defaults and Configuring Search Box Defaults.

  5. When your changes are complete, select , , or (depending on the tab) to save the data source configuration and close the wizard.