Visuals Tab

Use the Visuals tab in the data source configuration wizard to define the default settings for visuals created using the data source configuration. When you create visuals using this data source, the default visual settings are initially applied (and can be changed). See Visual Setup for details.

You must be logged in as an administrator or as a user with the group privilegeCan Create new Data Sources to see the Visuals tab of the data source configuration wizard.

Settings that are common for all visual styles can be accessed by selecting Global Default Settings on the tab. Global default settings allow you to set time bar and search box settings that apply to all visual styles for the data source. See Configuring Time Bar Defaults Configuring Search Box Defaults, and Enabling Data Sharpening and Configuring Its Defaults.

The Standard tab lists the standard visuals provided with Composer.The Custom tab lists any custom charts you have defined. To access the default settings for a visual, select it on the tab. For example, to manage the default bar chart settings for your data source, select Bars. Visual settings vary by visual style.

To make a given visual style available for the data source, be sure its checkbox is selected (checked ) on the tab. For information on the specific settings available for a standard visual style, select it below.

When you are finished, select to save the data source configuration. (If you are editing the data source, select to save the data source configuration.) Your data source configuration is listed in the list on the Sources page.

After you save a data source configuration, its default visual settings for each visual selected on the Visuals tab are stored. All available (non-hidden) fields are automatically included in these default visual settings.