Manually Installing OpenJDK 11

Composer 5.8 requires Java 11.0.5. All supported Zoomdata versions and earlier versions of Composer 5 use Java 8.

If your environment is running CentOS 6, you must manually install OpenJDK 11. OpenJDK 11 is available from various vendors, such as AWS Corretto, OpenJDK11, or Oracle JDK11.

Support for CentOS 6 will be deprecated when it is no longer supported by Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

To manually install OpenJDK 11:

  1. Stop all Composer components (if any are running) before you install OpenJDK 11. See Stopping Composer Microservices.

  2. Run the following command on the installation machine.

    sudo mkdir -p /opt/zoomdata/jre && curl -sL | sudo tar zx -C /opt/zoomdata/jre --strip-components=1
  3. Restart all Composer components. See Starting Composer Microservices.

For information on how Composer validates the version of Java used in an environment, see How Composer Validates an Environment's Java Version.