Composer 5.9.x Installation and Upgrade Process for Multiple Context Paths

Composer 5.9.x supports multiple context paths: /zoomdata or /composer. No other versions of Zoomdata or Composer support this. Versions prior to 5.9 (5.8 and earlier release) only allowed the server.servlet.context-path property in to be set to /zoomdata; Versions 6.x and later expect this property to be set to /composer. For Composer 5.9.x versions, this property can be set to either /zoomdata or /composer.

For 5.9.x versions, installation and upgrade processing occurs in the following manner.

  • In a completely new 5.9.x installation, the server.servlet.context-path is set to /composer.

  • Upgrades from any prior version of Composer or Zoomdata will honor the settings specified in any existing /etc/zoomdata/*.properties file and will not change them. Consequently, the setting for the server.servlet.context-path property will remain unchanged for an upgrade. If it is set to /zoomdata, that is the context path that will be used by the upgraded product. If it is set to /composer, that is the context path that will be user by the upgraded product.

If you are upgrading your software and the setting of the server.servlet.context-path is currently set to /zoomdata, but you want it to be set to /composer, you must manually change the context path to /composer BEFORE you upgrade. This ensures that the bootstrap script used for installations and upgrades uses the correct property setting during installation and upgrade processing.