Zoomdata 5.3 Release Notes

The following enhancements and updates were made to Zoomdata in version 5.3. See the following topics:

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Connector Changes

This release introduces support for Couchbase Community Edition 6.0.0. In addition, support for using non-default Couchbase ports has been added. See Managing the Couchbase Connector.

Query Engine Changes

This release added improved support for sorting by multivalued fields. Ascending sorts sort by the minimum values of a multivalued field; descending sorts sort by the maximum values of a multivalued field.

Data Sharpening Changes

Data Sharpening is now enabled and configured within a data source configuration, if the data selected for the data source includes a time field. The Visuals tab of the data source configuration UI now includes new settings to support this. Data Sharpening is no longer configured using properties in the query engine properties file (query-engine.properties). See Enabling Data Sharpening and Configuring Its Defaults.

User Interface Changes

The following changes were made to the user interface in this release:

What's Fixed?

The following problems were fixed in this release:

  • For the Cloudera Impala connector, any specification you make for the Do As User setting in a Zoomdata data store connection definition now takes precedence over the Impala JDBC URL parameter impala.doas.user (shown in the JDBC URL).

What's Deprecated?

Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11 is no longer supported. See Supported Browsers.