Logi Composer 5.9.15 Release Notes

Email salesteam@logianalytics.com to purchase Composer.

Before proceeding with any upgrade to this release, please read Composer 5.9.x Installation and Upgrade Process for Multiple Context Paths.

The following changes and problem resolutions have been made in this release.

  • Full dashboard refreshes now only occur if a visual in the dashboard is saved with Undo Changes selected. See Saving a Dashboard.

  • Resolved a problem in which some MSSQL connections no longer worked for visuals and dashboards after an upgrade from 4.9 to 5.9.

  • Resolved a problem exporting data from a dashboard table visual to a CSV file when React was used to embed the dashboard.

  • Updated the Composer copyright date for 2021.

  • The Composer header no longer appears for an embedded iFrame dashboard.