Logi Composer 5.9.17 Release Notes

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Before proceeding with any upgrade to this release, please read Composer 5.9.x Installation and Upgrade Process for Multiple Context Paths.

The following changes and problem resolutions have been made in this release.

  • Pivot table performance is improved for a Postgres data source that uses custom SQL.

  • Elasticsearch connectors now provide error messages when a Last Value metric cannot be computed correctly. See Elasticsearch Last Value Processing.

  • Dashboards no longer appear in an unsaved status after a Composer upgrade or after a dashboard is imported.

  • Errors no longer occur when you refresh a Composer dashboard while it is still loading.

  • Corrected problems with the list of visuals shown that have been changed when you save a dashboard.

  • Corrected a problem in which visuals in an embedded dashboard could be saved by an end user without proper authorizations.

  • Corrected a problem in which the bulk actions on the dashboard Save or Save As dialog included unauthorized options for some of the visuals.

  • Corrected a problem in which changing a time field filter to a static date on an embedded dashboard did not work.