Logi Composer 5.9.21 Release Notes

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Before proceeding with any upgrade to this release, please read Composer 5.9.x Installation and Upgrade Process for Multiple Context Paths.

The following changes and problem resolutions have been made in this release.

  • Corrected a problem in which leaving a dashboard or visual while the Settings sidebar is open caused the visual or dashboard to go blank.

  • Corrected a problem in which visuals were not honoring the Group By global default setting in the data source.

  • Corrected a problem in which the supervisor could not log in when the number of sessions exceeded the license setting.

  • When custom ranges or list values are requested for a field, full data scans are no longer performed.

  • Corrected a problem in which the Inherit Visual Filter settings were not saved with the dashboard after they were changed.

  • Corrected problems in which group filters did not work properly with the Volume field and, if a field uses distinct counts, the resulting counts were constantly refreshing.