Logi Composer 5.9.7 Release Notes

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Before proceeding with any upgrade to this release, please read Composer 5.9.x Installation and Upgrade Process for Multiple Context Paths.

The following changes and problem resolutions have been made in this release.

  • Null values can now display as zeros in line charts (including line & bar, multiple metric, and attribute line charts). A new Display null as zero check box has been added when you set the granularity for time fields on line charts. If Include Blanks is selected for the chart, you can select the Display null as zero option. By default, both options are not selected. See Even Time Intervals.

  • You can now use the Configure and ConfigureRaw controls to access the Visual Settings sidebar for a custom chart. This capability will be provided in a different manner in later Composer versions.

  • The top of a long dashboard link list is now viewable when you scroll down the list.

  • Performance improvements were made for direct dashboard links.

  • Unnecessary pop-up dialogs no longer appear in an embedded dashboard when the visual style is switched.

  • To ensure images are not cropped in the exported PDF of a chart, maximize the chart first, then export the dashboard and minimize the chart.