Manage UI Themes

Logi Composer supports themes for the UI. Several themes are supplied when you install Composer. See Supplied Themes.

You can define and use your own themes. To manage themes, your Composer user must be assigned to a group with the Can Manage Themes (ROLE_ADMINISTER_THEMES) privilege enabled. See Group Privilege Reference.

At this time, you can only tailor theme colors. Other tailoring properties (such as fonts or font sizes) should not be changed.

Themes are defined, controlled, and managed using the customization/themes API endpoint. Any changes you make to the theme are applied for all users in the account. Users in other accounts are not affected.

You can specify a master theme in the theme JSON using the masterThemeID property. Master themes are optional, but allow you to identify the Composer-supplied theme from which properties should be inherited by a custom theme, if the properties are not specified in the custom theme JSON. Master themes can only be Composer- supplied themes. See Supplied Themes.

This section covers the following topics:

API documentation is provided with your Composer installation at this link: https://<composer-URL>/composer/swagger-ui.html.