Changing Color Schemes

Color schemes provide ways to identify and highlight metrics and attributes on a visual using color. Color schemes are specified for visuals in different ways, based on the visual type.

Color palettes for your Composer environment are defined using themes. In addition, the default color palette used for visuals and for specific visual styles is defined using themes. See Manage UI Themes.

To access the Color sidebar for a visual:

  1. Select the visual in the Visual Gallery or on a dashboard.

  2. Select Edit Visual on the visual drop-down menu to access the sidebar menu for the visual. Then select on the sidebar menu.

    The Color sidebar for the selected visual opens.

  3. Make changes as needed. For details about the color options, refer to the description of the specific visual style used by the visual.

  4. If you want to use the palette specified by the theme defined for the environment, select the Inherit from theme checkbox. The colors specified in the theme activated for the Composer environment and for this visual style will be used and will override other palette settings you might have specified on the Color sidebar. For more information about themes, see Manage UI Themes.

The ability to control colors on a visual is provided using the interactivity sidebar. See Controlling How Users Interact With a Visual.