Managing Group Definitions

Group definitions assign rights and privileges to groups of users. Groups are most useful when a number of Zoomdata users need access to the same data sources or require the same access restrictions. Users can be assigned to multiple groups.

SAML and LDAP groups that are automatically created in Zoomdata must be manually assigned group data source access and privileges.

Zoomdata account administrators and users assigned to groups with the Can Administer Groups privilege can maintain group definitions. They can:

  • Add, edit, or remove group definitions
  • Assign and remove users in a group definition
  • Restrict the ability to read, edit, and delete data source configurations by group members
  • Restrict the data source configurations available to the group. This includes restricting entire data source configurations as well as restricting access to only specific fields or specific data (using the Forced Filters feature).
  • Authorize users in the group to perform specific Zoomdata functions

For more info about managing users, see Managing User Definitions.

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