Editing a Zoomdata Configuration File

You can edit the properties for your Zoomdata configuration in the configuration files. For a complete list of configuration files, see xxx.

To edit a Zoomdata configuration file:

  1. From your terminal, SSH to your Zoomdata server.

  2. Stop the appropriate Zoomdata microservice (Zoomdata, Screenshot, or the specific connector server).

    For the appropriate Linux command (for Ubuntu 14 or 16), see Stopping Zoomdata Microservices.

  3. Use the following command to access and open the configuration file:

    vi /etc/zoomdata/<config-file-name>

    For example:

    vi /etc/zoomdata/zoomdata.properties

    Names of valid configuration files are listed in Configuration Property Files.

    If the configuration file does not exist, this command creates it.

    If you are not logged in as a root user, then you need to enter sudo vi /etc/zoomdata/zoomdata.properties to create the desired file. Make sure the file is readable by the zoomdata microservice account.

  4. Add the new variable or property into the file on a new line or edit an existing one, as needed. See:

  5. Save and exit the configuration file.

  6. Restart Zoomdata microservices.

    For the appropriate Linux command line, see Restarting Zoomdata Microservices.

Wait a few minutes for the microservice to restart completely, then open a new browser window to log back into Zoomdata. Confirm that your changes have taken effect.