Managing the Apache Drill Connector

The Zoomdata Apache Drill connector lets you access the data available in the Apache Drill open-source SQL query engine for visualization and exploration using the Zoomdata client. The Zoomdata Apache Drill connector supports Apache Drill versions 1.11 - 1.13.

Before you can establish a connection from Zoomdata to Apache Drill, it must be downloaded, installed, configured, and enabled. See the Apache Drill website. After Apache Drill is installed, a Zoomdata connector server for it needs to be installed, configured and enabled. See Managing Connectors and Connector Servers for general instructions.

After the connector has been set up, you can create data source configurations that specify the necessary connection information and identify the data you want to use. See Manage Data Source Configurations for more information. After data sources are configured, they can be used to create dashboards and charts from your data. See Creating Dashboards and Creating Charts.

Zoomdata Feature Support

The Apache Drill connector supports all Zoomdata features. It also supports pushdown joins for Fusion data sources.