Managing the Apache Solr Connector

The Zoomdata Apache Solr connector lets you access the data available in your Apache Solr databases for visualization and exploration using the Zoomdata client. The Zoomdata Apache Solr connector supports Apache Solr versions 6.6 through 8.

Before you can establish a connection from Zoomdata to an Apache Solr database, a connector server needs to be installed, configured and enabled. See Managing Connectors and Connector Servers for general instructions and Connecting to Apache Solr for details specific to the Apache Solr connector.

After the connector has been set up, you can create data source configurations that specify the necessary connection information and identify the data you want to use. See Manage Data Source Configurations for more information. After data sources are configured, they can be used to create dashboards and charts from your data. See Creating Dashboards and Creating Charts.

Zoomdata Feature Support

The Apache Solr connector supports all Zoomdata features, except for the following features:

In addition, Apache Solr supports the Request Handler field on the Tables/Indices tab of the data source configuration. You can use this box at the top of the Field table on the Tables/Indices tab to specify a request handler plug-in that defines the logic used when executing a search request.

Connecting to Apache Solr

You can configure the Zoomdata Apache Solr connector to connect to a kerberized Apache Solr data store. For more information, see Connecting to Apache Solr Data Stores That Use Kerberos Authentication.

When establishing a connection to Apache Solr, you must provide the following information.

  1. Select the hosting type: Standalone or Cloud.

  2. Specify a Solr Base URL.

  3. Specify the version of the Solr source that you are going to connect to in the following format: <major>.<minor>.<patch>. This field is optional.

    While connecting to Solr, Zoomdata first checks its version. If the version is not available, Zoomdata checks the version that you have specified in this field and attempts to connect that version.

  4. If authentication has been set up, provide the user name and password.

Dashboard and Chart Considerations

Distinct count and percentiles metrics return approximate values in Solr, due to the nature of the data source. The precision of the result returned by distinct count metric depends on the precision threshold setting (default value is 1000).

When you create a bar chart using an Apache Solr data source, you can search for a specific word or phrase using the search box at the top of the dashboard. The Details tab displays the results.

Fields of time groupings with low time granularity may cause loading time issues for the data source.