Managing the Cassandra Using Presto

You can connect to Cassandra through the Presto connector which is implemented to query data from a Cassandra data source. The Cassandra connector must use the Presto connector for its connection because Cassandra does not directly support aggregated queries. The Zoomdata Cassandra over Presto connector supports Presto version 0.132.

After the connector has been set up, you can create data source configurations that specify the necessary connection information and identify the data you want to use. See Manage Data Source Configurations for more information. After data sources are configured, they can be used to create dashboards and charts from your data. See Creating Dashboards and Creating Charts.

Zoomdata Feature Support

The Cassandra connector supports all Zoomdata features, except for the following features:

Connecting to Cassandra over Presto

Before you can establish a connection from Zoomdata to Cassandra, a Presto connector server must be installed, configured, and enabled first by the Zoomdata account administrator. See Configuring the Presto Connector.

The Zoomdata Cassandra connector was verified with Presto 0.132. While other versions of Presto might work with the connector, Zoomdata cannot guarantee them. The Presto connector has only been validated and tested for Cassandra. Zoomdata may add additional support for Presto with other connectors at some point in the future.

When setting up your Cassandra connection, you need to specify the JDBC URL.


Replace <cassandra> with the value of the property in the /<presto_server_path>/etc/catalog/ file.

If authentication has been set up, provide corresponding user name and password. By default, set the user name touser. No password is required. Make sure that the Cassandra user has enough permissions to run SELECT queries.