Managing Connectors and Connector Servers

Zoomdata connects to a wide array of data sources available in the marketplace today—from modern databases (including Hadoop, Search, Streaming, and NoSQL) to traditional sources like SQL-based stores. Zoomdata comes prepackaged with connectors that are automatically installed during the Zoomdata installation process.

JDBC drivers for a few of the connectors are no longer included in the installation package. This means that if you use one of these connectors, you also need to configure a JDBC driver before it can be enabled and accessible from Zoomdata. For additional details, including the list of connectors, see Adding a JDBC Driver.

If the connector you are looking for is not shown, it may be because:

See Zoomdata v4 Data Connector Reference for the full list of supported Zoomdata connectors.

Management of connector microservices is split into two sections:

  • Connector Servers
  • Connectors

Each connector server runs independently in the Zoomdata environment. You can set up a connection type for each connector server and manage the ones to be available to users in the Zoomdata account.

This means that you are able to enable or disable any of these servers at any time, depending on the data stores that you use and need to use with Zoomdata. The following figure provides a high level concept diagram of the Zoomdata environment.

The setup and management of connector servers in the Zoomdata environment is handled on the Manage Connector Services page, which is accessible to supervisors. To make the actual connection between Zoomdata and your data source after the connector server has been configured, log into Zoomdata as an administrator and access the Data Sources page, accessible from the Settings menu. See Connect Zoomdata v4 to Data Stores.

The Manage Connector Services page (available to supervisors) lets you register or remove connector servers that are not available out-of-the-box in the Zoomdata instance. You can also use this page to maintain, enable, and disable connector definitions based on the connector servers defined in the Zoomdata instance. See Manage Connector Services Page.

The Data Sources page (available to administrators and users with appropriate privileges) lets you define the connection for a connector between Zoomdata and a data store. You can also configure data sources that use the connection definitions. See Connect Zoomdata v4 to Data Stores.

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