Managing the MongoDB Connector

The Zoomdata MongoDB connector lets you access the data available in MongoDB storage for visualization and exploration using the Zoomdata client. The Zoomdata MongoDB connector supports MongoDB versions 3.4 - 4.2.

The MongoDB connector supports MongoDB views.

Before you can establish a connection from Zoomdata to MongoDB storage, a connector server needs to be installed and configured. See Managing Connectors and Connector Servers for general instructions.

After the connector has been set up, you can create data source configurations that specify the necessary connection information and identify the data you want to use. See Manage Data Source Configurations for more information. After data sources are configured, they can be used to create dashboards and charts from your data. See Creating Dashboards and Creating Charts.

Zoomdata Feature Support

The MongoDB connector supports all Zoomdata features, except for the following features:

MongoDB connectors support derived fields created using most row-level functions, with the following exceptions:

  • If you are running a version of MongoDB prior to version 4.0, the following text row-level functions are not supported (these functions work for MongoDB version 4.0 and later):

    • LTRIM
    • RTRIM
  • The following restrictions apply to MongoDB 3.4:

    • You cannot use a number field with a year pattern as a date field in a row-level expression.
    • TIME_ADD intervals cannot be specified for YEAR, QUARTER, or MONTH.
    • TRUNCATE_TIME cannot truncate date-time field values to YEAR or QUARTER granularities.

Connecting to MongoDB with Configured SSL

To connect to a MongoDB data store with configured SSL:

  1. Add parameter ssl=true to your connection string. For example (replace <mongodb_host>, <port>, <database> with your values ):

  2. If your MongoDB data store is configured with a custom certificate, you should configure a truststore for the MongoDB connector:

    1. Copy a truststore to the machine on which the MongoDB connector is running.

    2. Add the following lines to file /etc/zoomdata/edc-mongo.jvm. Copy the file edc-mongo.jvm from the /opt/zoomdata/conf directory if a copy is not in /etc/zoomdata/.<path_to_truststore><truststore_password>


      • <path_to_truststore> with an absolute path to your truststore
      • <truststore_password> with a password for your truststore
  3. Restart the MongoDB connector microservice. See Restarting Zoomdata Microservices.