Creating Dashboards

Charts and dashboards allow you to visualize your data in a variety of ways.

  • A chart is a single visualization of data source data. Charts are created using a single data source, for example, Cloudera Impala. In addition, charts can only be stored on dashboards.
  • A dashboard is a collection of one or more charts. The charts in a dashboard can be based on one data source or multiple data sources. For example, a single dashboard can contain two charts using Solr, one using Impala, and another using Elasticsearch. When you create a dashboard, you must also create at least one chart.

To create a dashboard and its initial chart:

  1. From the home page, click . A blank, untitled dashboard is created and a dialog prompts you to select a data source for your first dashboard chart.

  2. Select a data source from the menu. The dialog then prompts you to select a chart style for your first dashboard chart.

  3. Select your desired chart style. For example, click Bars. An untitled dashboard with its first chart is created.

  4. Save your dashboard. You are prompted to supply a name for the dashboard. After it is saved, your dashboard is a single-chart dashboard until you add additional charts to it.

You can also create a new dashboard and chart anywhere in the application by clicking on the menu icon (), selecting a data source and then a chart style.

To add additional charts to your dashboard, see Creating Charts.

After your dashboard is created, you can explore the data and work directly with its various charts. Among other things, you can use its chart drop-down menu to modify, copy, export or delete it. In addition, the data on the chart can be filtered. See Filtering Data.