Data Sources Page

The Data Sources page allows you to review and maintain your Zoomdata data source definitions.

You must be logged in as an administrator to see the Data Sources page

The Data Sources page has four basic sections:

  1. The Import Data Source Configuration link allows you to import a data source configuration from another Zoomdata instance. See Importing a Data Source Configuration.
  2. The Add a New Data Source section allows you to add a new data source configuration. See Defining a Data Source Configuration.
  3. The My Data Sources table lists and allows you to maintain your previously defined data source configurations. See The My Data Sources Table. You can add edit, enable, disable, download, and delete data source configurations in this section.
  4. The Manage Connections link allows you to manage data source connection definitions you have used. See xxx

To access the Data Sources page:

  1. Log into Zoomdata as an administrator and from the Settings menu, click Sources.

  2. Click (Settings menu) and the select Sources.

The My Data Sources Table

The table in the My Data Sources section can be used to edit, enable, disable, download, and delete data source configurations you have defined. You can also clear the cache for a data source configuration.

Each column in the table is described below. The Type, Data Source name, Connection, and Enabled columns are sortable.


Type Displays an icon identifying the type of data source.
Data Source Name

Lists the name assigned the data source configuration. For flat file data sources, you can upload additional files or clear the data.

Connection Lists the data source connection used to connect to the external data source.
Cache Identifies the type of caching (if any) occurring for the data source configuration. indicates that Zoomdata data caching is enabled. See How Zoomdata Caches Data for more information and to learn how to disable data caching.
Clear Cache Allows you to clear the data cache for this data source configuration. Click in this column to clear the cache. See How Zoomdata Caches Data.

Allows you to enable or disable a data source configuration. Select the checkbox in this column to enable the data source configuration. When a data source configuration is disabled, no charts can be created using it. Before you disable a configuration, you must remove all the saved charts that are using it. See Enabling and Disabling a Data Source Configuration.

Download Allows you to export the data source configuration as a JSON file. Select in this column to download the data source configuration. See Exporting a Data Source Configuration. This option is available for all data source types except flat files.
Delete Allows you to delete a data source configuration. Click in this column to delete the configuration. Before you delete a data source configuration, you must delete all the dashboards that use it. See Deleting a Data Source Configuration.