Applying a Filter to Dashboard Charts Using the Radial Menu

If you have more than one chart in a dashboard that use the same data source, you can filter them all using the radial menu of one of the charts. For example, if you have a bar chart, pie chart, and raw data table that show data from a product sales data source, you might use the radial menu to filter the data in all three charts to show purchases by 18-year old consumers only.

Before you can use the radial menu to apply a filter across charts on a dashboard, more than one chart for the same data source must exist on the dashboard.

To apply a radial menu filter to all dashboard charts for the same data source:

  1. Open the dashboard and click on one of the data points in one of the charts. The radial menu appears.

  2. Click Filter on the radial menu. The Apply filter to dialog appears listing all of the charts on the dashboard that use the same data source.

  3. Select (check) the charts you want to filter based on the data point you selected and click Apply.

    The selected charts are filtered by the data point you have selected. In the picture above, the listed charts could be filtered for sale data in Michigan (the selected data point).