Data Fusion Limitations

Fusion data sources have the following limitations:

  • Derived fields are not supported.
  • Fused data can be used in raw data tables. Zoomdata recommends that you initially use a subset of fields from Fusion data sources on raw data tables to limit the load on Zoomdata's query engine and improve its performance. You can change the subset in data source configurations and add additional fields, later, as needed while working on a dashboard.

  • Faceted searches are not supported for fused data, even if one or all of the data sources defining the fused source support it.
  • There is no support for security filters or column-level security for Fusion data sources. Row-level security is inherited from the parent sources.
  • The COUNT, COUNTD, TableCOUNT, TableCOUNTD, WindowCOUNT, and WindowCOUNTD aggregate functions are supported for Fusion data sources. However, they normally ignore null values for the specified field. Consequently, the result of these aggregate functions may not be the same as the actual number of records in the data. Use the wild card character (*) for <field> to include null values for the field in the count.
  • Live mode and historical playback are not supported for fused data.
  • Data Sharpening is not supported for Fusion data sources.
  • Two levels of top-of-the-top multi-group fusion are supported. If you have custom charts that require more than two levels, you cannot use fused data sources.