Installation Steps

To begin the installation process, you must receive the installation instructions from Zoomdata Technical Support. This email contains the installation script that you will run on the server where the Zoomdata environment will reside. If you have not received installation instructions, click the Support button to open a ticket with Zoomdata Technical Support.

CentOS 6 is no longer supported by this product. CentOS 6 is no longer supported by Red Hat Linux (RHEL). Use CentOS 7 instead.

After you have received installation instructions from Technical Support, complete the following steps.

After you have installed Zoomdata, review the post-installation options in Post-Installation Options. For information about accessing Zoomdata after it is installed, see Accessing Zoomdata.

Step 1: Run the Installation Script

The email you receive from Zoomdata Technical Support contains installation instructions and the command you need to run. Enter the installation command on the target server for Zoomdata to start the automated installation process. The following Zoomdata components are downloaded to your target server:

  • Database for metadata store (using PostgreSQL v9.5)
  • The Zoomdata Server
  • Query Engine
  • Data Writer microservice
  • Connector microservices

Zoomdata uses a packaged PostgreSQL v9.5 database instance to store its metadata and strongly recommends using this instance due to the specific configuration and version employed. If you would like to use another PostgreSQL instance, click to contact Technical Support for further guidance.

When the installation script has completed, complete the remaining steps in this section.

Step 2: Configure the Firewall

See Configuring the Firewall.

Step 3: Identify the IP Address

See Identifying the Zoomdata IP Address.

Step 4: Access Zoomdata from a Web Browser

After the installation script has completed, it will take a few minutes for Zoomdata to complete its setup of the metadata store. Please wait a few minutes before accessing Zoomdata from your web browser. When you are ready to access Zoomdata, read Accessing Zoomdata.

We recommend that you log into Zoomdata for the first time using supervisor credentials. This allows you to review all the account-level features available. As a supervisor, you can access functions that let you connect your data sources to Zoomdata. You can also create and activate user accounts, including an admin user account that will allow you to access the admin functions. See Supplied User Definitions.

If you receive a message indicating that Zoomdata is not yet accessible, the Zoomdata setup may not yet be complete. Wait a few more minutes before trying again or opening a Support ticket. If you continue to have issues accessing Zoomdata from your browser, click the Support button on this page to open a ticket with Zoomdata Technical Support.