Requesting a New License Key

Zoomdata notifies you when your license key is about to expire.

To request a new license key:

  1. In the environment for which you need a new license key, log in as the supervisor.

  2. On the Supervisor menu, select License. The Manage License page appears.

  3. Copy your current Zoomdata instance ID.

  4. Identify your current Zoomdata version. This can be found in the Account dialog. See Switching Accounts.

  5. Email Zoomdata Application Support to ask for a new license key. Please provide the Zoomdata:

    • Version number
    • Instance ID.

    Zoomdata Application Support will contact you with a new license key.

  6. After you receive the new license key, return to the Manage License page and enter the new license key in the New License Key box.