Zoomdata Microservice Name Reference

The following table lists the Zoomdata microservices. The order in which microservices should be started is described in Zoomdata Microservice Startup Order.

Microservice Name Description
zoomdata The primary microservice for the Zoomdata server.
zoomdata-admin-server The Zoomdata Service Monitor microservice.
zoomdata-config-server The Zoomdata configuration microservice.
zoomdata-consul The Zoomdata Service Discovery microservice.
zoomdata-data-writer-postgresql The Zoomdata Data Writer microservice.
zoomdata-edc-apache-solr The Zoomdata Apache Solr connector microservice.
zoomdata-edc-bigquery The Zoomdata BigQuery connector microservice.
zoomdata-edc-cloudera-search The Zoomdata Cloudera Search connector microservice.
zoomdata-edc-drill The Zoomdata Apache Drill connector microservice.
zoomdata-edc-elasticsearch-6.0 The Zoomdata Elasticsearch 6.0 connector microservice.
zoomdata-edc-elasticsearch-7.0 The Zoomdata Elasticsearch 7.0 connector microservice.
zoomdata-edc-hdfs The Zoomdata HDFS connector microservice.
zoomdata-edc-hive The Zoomdata Hive connector microservice.
zoomdata-edc-impala The Zoomdata Cloudera Impala connector microservice.
zoomdata-edc-memsql The Zoomdata MemSQL connector microservice.
zoomdata-edc-mongo The Zoomdata MongoDB connector microservice.
zoomdata-edc-mssql The Zoomdata Microsoft SQL Server connector microservice.
zoomdata-edc-mysql The Zoomdata MySQL connector microservice.
zoomdata-edc-oracle The Zoomdata Oracle connector microservice.
zoomdata-edc-phoenix-4.7 The Zoomdata Apache Phoenix 4.7 connector microservice.
zoomdata-edc-phoenix-4.7-queryserver The Zoomdata Apache Phoenix Query Server 4.7 connector microservice.
zoomdata-edc-postgresql The Zoomdata PostgreSQL connector microservice.
zoomdata-edc-presto-0.132 The Zoomdata Cassandra over Presto connector microservice.
zoomdata-edc-redshift The Zoomdata Amazon Redshift connector microservice.
zoomdata-edc-rts The Zoomdata Real-Time Sales connector microservice.
zoomdata-edc-s3 The Zoomdata Amazon S3 connector microservice.
zoomdata-edc-saphana The Zoomdata SAP Hana connector microservice.
zoomdata-edc-sapiq The Zoomdata SAP IQ connector microservice.
zoomdata-edc-snowflake The Zoomdata Snowflake connector microservice.
zoomdata-edc-sparksql The Zoomdata Spark SQL connector microservice.
zoomdata-edc-teradata The Zoomdata Teradata connector microservice.
zoomdata-edc-tibcodv The Zoomdata TIBCO DV connector microservice.
zoomdata-edc-vertica The Zoomdata Vertica connector microservice.
zoomdata-query-engine The Zoomdata query engine microservice.
zoomdata-screenshot-service The Zoomdata Screenshot microservice.
zoomdata-tracing-server The Zoomdata tracing microservice.