Zoomdata 4.0 Release Notes

The following enhancements and updates were made to Zoomdata in version 4.0. See the following topics:

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REST API Changes

Major changes were introduced in the REST API with Zoomdata 4.0.

  • All Version 1 public APIs have been removed. Version 2 of the REST API should be used going forward.
  • The internal APIs starting with paths such as /service/ are removed in favor of paths starting with /api/.
  • You must now specify the application/vnd.zoomdata.v2+json version of the API in requests. This is now mandatory. For requests that retrieve a payload, such as HTTP GET operations, this should be in the Accept header. For requests submitting data (for example PUT, POST, or PATCH), this is typically in the Content-Type header.

Pushdown Join Support for Fusion Data Sources

Pushdown joins for Fusion data sources are now supported by Zoomdata's Apache Drill, MemSQL, and Snowflake data connectors. See Optimizing Joins for more information.

Apache Solr Connector Kerberos Support

This release introduces Kerberos support for Apache Solr connectors. You can now configure a Zoomdata Apache Solr connector to connect to a kerberized Apache Solr data store. For more information, see Connecting to Apache Solr Data Stores That Use Kerberos Authentication.

Apache Drill Connector User Delegation Support

This release adds support for user delegation for Apache Drill connectors. See Applying User Delegation to a Connection.

Snowflake Connector SQL Views Support

This release adds support for SQL views by the Zoomdata Snowflake connector. See Managing the Snowflake Connector.

New Can Administer Users Group Privilege

This release introduces a new privilege for users in a group called Can Administer Users. This privilege lets group members:

  • Add, disable, and remove user definitions
  • Reset user passwords
  • Define user custom attributes and regional settings

This privilege does not allow group members to update groups or the groups to which a user is assigned.

See Group Privilege Reference and Managing Group Definitions.

See also What's Deprecated? for information about the deprecation of some supervisor capabilities.

What's Fixed?

  • Bookmarks can now be exported using the API without errors.

  • The Screenshot and PDF export options are no longer missing for embedded dashboards that contained maps.

  • The Spring session is no longer persisted after a user logs out when Zoomdata is used as an OAuth provider.

  • Increased the LDAP query length to more than 4000 characters to resolve a complex query problem.

What's Deprecated?

This release removes the ability for the supervisor to act as an administrator of accounts. Data source, dashboard, and chart management for an account can still be performed by administrators and by users with the appropriate permissions, but the supervisor can no longer perform these functions.