Zoomdata 4.9.10 Release Notes

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The following property changes were made to the database pool properties in the zoomdata.properties file:

  • The following properties were removed:

  • The following properties were added:

    Property Description
    spring.datasource.hikari.maximum-pool-size=<count> The maximum number of connections in the pool, including both idle and active connections. The default is 20.
    spring.datasource.hikari.minimum-idle=<count> The minimum number of idle connections in the pool. The default is 2.
    spring.datasource.hikari.max-lifetime=<milliseconds> The maximum lifetime (in milliseconds) of a connection in the pool. The default is 1800000 milliseconds (30 minutes).
    spring.datasource.hikari.idle-timeout=<milliseconds> The maximum number of milliseconds that a connection is allowed to sit idle in the pool. the default is 120000 milliseconds (two minutes).
    spring.datasource.hikari.validation-timeout=<milliseconds> The maximum number of milliseconds that a connection will be tested for aliveness. The default is 5000 milliseconds. The lowest acceptable value is 250 milliseconds. The value specified must be less than the connection timeout value specified by the spring.datasource.hikari.connection-timeout property.
    spring.datasource.hikari.connection-timeout=<milliseconds> The maximum number of milliseconds that a client will wait for a connection from the pool. If this time is exceeded without a connection becoming available, an SQL exception will occur. The default value is 60000 milliseconds (one minute). The lowest acceptable value is 250 milliseconds.

In addition, the following problems have been fixed in this release.

  • Users with the Can Administer Users privilege but without the Can Administer Groups privilege can no longer add or remove users from groups. In addition, new administrator users can only be added by existing administrators.

  • Performance improvements were made.