Zoomdata 4.9.12 Release Notes

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The following problems have been fixed in this release.

  • The radial menu can now be used when it is opened on the edge of a dashboard. In addition, you can now rotate the options on the radial menu clockwise (right) and counterclockwise (left) by holding down the shift key and using the left and right arrows on your keyboard. See Using the Radial Menu.

  • Zoomdata can now read a view created using UNION and WHERE clauses in a partition.

  • Performance improvements were made.

  • The bar chart x-axis labels are no longer hidden after Trend is selected from the radial menu.

  • The Console of Refreshing Jobs now refreshes every minute (it used to refresh every 15 seconds). In addition, this board will not refresh if a refresh is still ongoing.

  • The source ID is no longer visible in an api/inventory call to users for whom access to the source has been revoked.