Zoomdata 4.9.14 Release Notes

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The following changes and problem resolutions have been made in this release.

  • A custom metric that produces a non-numeric result no longer causes problems when used as a chart's color metric.

  • The /api/system/redirect API endpoint has been deprecated in this release.

  • The following changes were made for the cron expressions of advanced refresh jobs:

    • Specifying seconds in the cron expression is still optional, but defaults to zero to ensure that only one refresh job is run.

    • If both the <days of the month> and <days of the week> fields are specified, an error occurs.

      If you save an existing data source configuration that has both fields specified, no error is returned, but warnings are written to the log when Zoomdata starts.

    • If an asterisk is specified for either the <days of the month> or <days of the week> fields, the other one is automatically set to a question mark in the cron expression.

    See Configuring an Advanced Refresh Job.