Zoomdata 4.9.2 Release Notes

The following enhancements and updates were made to Zoomdata in version 4.9.2.

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Connector Changes

Connector version information is now included in the connector logs. This will help when debugging connector issues with the Zoomdata support team.

New Query Engine Property

A new calculations.detect.array.fields query engine property is now provided. This property allows you to disable the zEngine validation of multivalue fields in a custom metric. By disabling this functionality, any custom metrics that you may have created in earlier versions of Zoomdata that are aggregations of multivalue fields will produce valid values. Set the value of calculations.detect.array.fields to false in the query-engine.properties file to disable the validation. This property is set to true, by default. See Managing the Zoomdata Query Engine.

What's Fixed?

The following problems have been fixed in this release.

  • Time fields are now processed as time fields and are not automatically converted to attributes.

  • Zoomdata back-end dependencies and libraries have been upgraded.