Application Integration Action Support

This release introduces support for Zoomdataactions, functionality that allows you to integrate your Zoomdata chart data into your applications. After your system and data administrators have defined your application integration with Zoomdata and granted proper permissions to use Zoomdata actions, you can invoke an action while working with a chart on your dashboard. The invoked action creates a query definition based on the filters applied to the chart and on the data and limit specifications in the application integration definition. It then sends the query definition to your application. Your application can use the Zoomdata API to run the query and display or use the data that it collects.

Specific changes made to Zoomdata to support this functionality include:

  • The addition of two new group privileges, Can Invoke Actions and Can Manage Action Templates. Users in the Administrators group are granted permission for both privileges, by default. The Can Invoke Actions privilege allows a user to invoke an action from a chart. The Can Manage Action Templates privilege allows a user to define the application integration with Zoomdata using an action template. See Group Privilege Reference.

  • A new API endpoint, api/action has been added to Zoomdata. Use this endpoint to run the Zoomdata query defined by an action. Refer to the API documentation provided with your Zoomdata installation (http://<zoomdata-URL>/zoomdata/swagger-ui.html).

  • As an account administrator (or a user with the Can Manage Action Templates privilege), you can define and manage action templates in the UI. Action templates are data source-specific and provide specifics about the integration between the external application and the data source. See Defining an Action Template.

  • As an account administrator (or a user with the Can Invoke Actions privilege), you can invoke an action from a chart in the UI. See Invoking an Action.

  • The radial menu for charts has been changed to include an option to invoke an action (if an action template has been enabled for the chart's data source). See Using the Radial Menu.

  • You can now invoke actions from the chart menu if an action template has been enabled for the chart's data source. A new Actions menu option has been added to the menu. See Using the Chart Menu and Invoking an Action.

For complete information about Zoomdata action processing, see Integrate Zoomdata v4 Chart Data Into Your Applications.