REST API Changes

The following REST API changes were made in Zoomdata 4:

  1. All Version 1 public APIs have been removed. Version 2 of the REST API should be used going forward.

  2. The internal APIs starting with paths such as /service/ are removed in favor of paths starting with /api/.

  3. It is now mandatory that you specify the application/vnd.zoomdata.v2+json version of the API in requests. For requests that retrieve a payload, such as HTTP GET operations, this should be in the Accept header. For requests submitting data (for example PUT, POST, or PATCH), this is typically in the Content-Type header.

  4. You can now use the /api/sources/{id}/key endpoint as an alternative to the api/sources/key?source=[list of source IDs] API endpoint. To use the /api/sources/{id}/key API endpoint, you must have any of the following roles or permissions:

    • The user is a member of the View All group
    • The user is a member of the Administrators group
    • The user is a member of any group having read access (at a minimum) for the requested data source
    • The user is a member of any group having read access (at a minimum) for all data sources.
  5. A new API endpoint, api/action has been added to Zoomdata. Use this endpoint to run the Zoomdata query defined by an action. Refer to the API documentation provided with your Zoomdata installation (http://<zoomdata-URL>/zoomdata/swagger-ui.html).

  6. A new, optional, ?format= parameter has been added to the /zoomdata/api/export/chartdata/content endpoint. Valid values are csv or json. Use this parameter to request that the data from the query be returned in JSON format or exported as a CSV file. The default value is csv.

  7. The REST endpoints /zoomdata/system/info and /zoomdata/actuator/metrics-grouped have been removed. Use the /zoomdata/actuator/metrics endpoint instead.

For complete information about Zoomdata's API, see Zoomdata v4 REST API Overview.