Fusion Enhancements

The following enhancements were made for fused data sources in Zoomdata 4:

  1. Pushdown joins for Fusion data sources are now supported by Zoomdata's Apache Drill, MemSQL, and Snowflake data connectors. See Optimizing Joins for more information.

  2. Data from Fusion data sources can now be used in box plot charts, histograms, and raw data tables. Zoomdata recommends that you initially use a subset of fields from Fusion data sources on raw data tables to limit the load on Zoomdata's query engine and improve its performance. You can change the subset in data source configurations and add additional fields, later, as needed while working on a dashboard.

  3. The aggregate functions TableCOUNTD and WindowCOUNTD are now supported in fused data sources. See Table Aggregation Functions and Window Aggregation Functions.

  4. Support for last value data was introduced for Fusion data source configurations. The last value of a field from a fused data source can now be loaded and used in a chart immediately.

  5. Even time interval support for dashboards using Fusion data source configurations was introduced.

For more information, see Fuse Zoomdata v4 Data Sources.