Zoomdata's Third-Party End-of-Life Policy

As third-party software (such as operating system, database engine, and cluster environment software) ages, it becomes increasingly difficult for Logi Analytics to provide the support and level of functionality that our customers expect. To ease this difficulty, Zoomdata has established the following end-of-life (EOL) policy for third-party software. An EOL policy describes when Zoomdata will cease to provide support for a version of third-party software.

The third-party software vendor sets the EOL for its software versions. This is the period of time during which the vendor provides patches, fixes, and other updates for a given software version. When a vendor no longer provides updates and patches or declares an EOL for their software, Zoomdata will remove support for that third-party software version.

Zoomdata Long-Term Support (LTS) versions always support third-party software until the third-party software reaches EOL. However, there may be circumstances in which a new Zoomdata Rapid Release version stops supporting a version of third-party software before it reaches EOL. These changes will be announced in the Release Notes, on the Zoomdata blog, or through other channels.

When a third-party software version reaches EOL, it continues to function normally. Existing Zoomdata installations using that third-party software version will also continue to function normally. However, you will be unable to perform:

  • Fresh installations of ZoomdataZoomdata prevents new installations after the third-party software reaches EOL.
  • Upgrades to new versions of ZoomdataZoomdata prevents upgrades after the third-party software reaches EOL.
  • Third-party-specific fixesZoomdata does not provide fixes, security or otherwise, after the third-party software reaches EOL.

If your third-party software has reached, or will soon reach, its EOL date, Zoomdata recommends that you schedule an appropriate time to upgrade both the Zoomdata and the third-party software to their latest versions. Contact Zoomdata Technical Support if you need more information.