Zoomdata v4 Release Notes

These release notes cover changes and fixes made to Zoomdata version 4 releases. The latest updates are available in version 4.9.33. You can identify your release version on the login screen.

Support for Zoomdata 4.9 will end on September 25, 2021. With the release of Composer 6.9 LTS, Zoomdata 4.9 will enter Passive Support. Our LTS Passive Support release receives only critical patches and security updates until its end-of-life date. Security updates are not applicable to the third-party dependencies. We encourage you to migrate to our most current LTS release. The documentation for the LTS Passive Support release is updated only when necessary. If there are changes to existing functionality or workarounds that you need to be aware of, you can find the information you need in the Release Notes.

For more information about the supported Logi Composer and Logi Zoomdata releases, see Zoomdata Release Vehicles.

CentOS 6 is no longer supported by this product. CentOS 6 is no longer supported by Red Hat Linux (RHEL). Use CentOS 7 instead.

See the following Release Notes for different Zoomdata versions:

A high-level summary of the changes between Zoomdata version 3.7 to Zoomdata 4 is provided in Zoomdata Version 4 Summary.

For information about CLI support, see CLI Support Table. For information about Zoomdata features that have been deprecated over the last several versions, see Deprecated Zoomdata Features.

Email salesteam@logianalytics.com to purchase Zoomdata.

For information about Zoomdata's end-of-life policy for third-party software, see Zoomdata's Third-Party End-of-Life Policy.

Upgrade and Migration Considerations

  • Manually upgrading Zoomdata 4.1 or later no longer provides the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) needed for Zoomdata to start. Make sure you have Java 8 (1.8.0_131) or later installed before you manually install or manually upgrade to Zoomdata 4.1 or later. If you do not, Zoomdata will not start. See How Zoomdata Validates an Environment's Java Version.

  • Due to the upgrade of the HashiCorp Consul (service discovery) version from 0.7.5 to 1.2.2, custom connectors built before Zoomdata 3.2 ( built for versions 3.1 or earlier versions) will not appear in Zoomdata after you migrate to Zoomdata 3.7 or later. This is caused by incompatibilities between old connectors and the new Consul. To make your custom connectors compatible with Zoomdata 3.7 (and later versions), you must migrate them as described in Custom Connector Migration Information.

    This migration step is required only for custom connectors built with Zoomdata versions earlier than 3.2 or for connectors that were present before Zoomdata 3.2 but that are now deprecated (for example, the Hive on Tez connector, which was replaced by the Hive connector in Zoomdata 3.7).

  • Zoomdata version 3.2 and later versions use headless Google Chrome instead of Firefox for Zoomdata's Screenshot microservice. See Setting Up the Screenshot Microservice.