Custom Connector Migration Information

Due to the upgrade of the HashiCorp Consul (service discovery) version from 0.7.5 to 1.2.2, custom connectors built before Zoomdata 3.2 ( built for versions 3.1 or earlier versions) will not appear in Zoomdata after you migrate to Zoomdata 3.7 or later. This is caused by incompatibilities between old connectors and the new Consul.

To make your custom connectors compatible with Zoomdata 3.7 (and later versions), the following configuration property should be added to each custom connector's .properties file: 

Remember to restart the connector microservice after updating the .properties file.

This migration step is required only for custom connectors built with Zoomdata versions earlier than 3.2 (for example, a custom Dremio connector) or for connectors that were present before Zoomdata 3.2 but that are now deprecated (for example, the Hive On Tez connector, which was replaced by the Hive connector in Zoomdata 3.7).

Zoomdata-supplied production connectors that have been upgraded to the latest release are not affected and do not require this step.