Add Composer Account Definitions

To create a new Composer account definition:

  1. Log into Composer as a supervisor of the account.

  2. Select Accounts on the supervisor menu (). The Manage Accounts page appears. It lists the accounts that have been defined.

  3. To add a new account, select on the Manage Accounts page.

    The Create New Account page appears.

  4. Enter a name for the new account in the Account name box. The name must be at least four characters long.

  5. Every account must have at least one administrator. Select one of the following options:

    • Select Assign Existing User As Admin to select an existing user as the administrator for the account. After selecting this option, select and then select a user on the Select User(s) dialog that appears. After you have selected one or more users on the dialog, select .

    • Select Create A New Admin User to define a new user to use as the administrator for the account. Supply the user name and password for the new user in the User name, Password, and Confirm Password boxes. The new user is assigned to the new account as an administrator.

  6. Select .

    The new Composer account is created and is automatically enabled. The administrator you assigned to the account is included as an account user (see List and Review User Definitions). No groups are yet assigned to the account. To assign groups to the account, see Manage Group Definitions. To disable the account, see Enable or Disable Composer Accounts.