Add Group Definitions

Composer system administrators and users who are assigned to a group with group management privileges can add group definitions to a Composer account .

To add a group definition:

  1. Log into Composer as a Composer administrator or a user who has been assigned to a group with group management privileges.

    If the user name you log in with is also associated with other Composer accounts, verify that the correct account is selected. See Switch Accounts.

  2. Select Users & Groups on the UI menu (). The Users and Groups page appears. It consists of two sections: Users and Groups.

  3. Select Groups to see a list of all the group definitions that have been defined for the account.

  4. Select to start the group definition editor. The group definition editor has three tabs: General,Members, and Privileges. Until you have specified a group name on the General tab and saved the new group, the other tabs cannot be accessed.

  5. Select the General tab and supply a group name in the Group Name box. Optionally provide a description of the group in the Description box.

  6. Select to save the new group. The group is now defined, but has no members and only the default assigned privileges.

  7. Select the Members tab and assign users to the group. See Add and Remove Members of a Group for more information.

  8. Select the Privileges tab and select privileges for the group. Privileges allow the administrator to grant permission to perform specific Composer functions to all members of a group. See Group Privilege Reference for more information.

  9. After members and privileges have been specified for the group, select to save the group.