Specifying User Locale

You can set regional settings (the locale) for a user definition if you are logged in as a Composer account administrator, a Composer supervisor, or a user who is assigned to a group with user management privileges. The locale determines the format of number fields in a data source. For example, a user based in the United States would see number fields formatted for Russian currency differently than a user based in Russia. For more information about data formatting for fields, see Number Formatting for Data Sources.

The user locale can be set using the Regional Settings tab.

To access the Regional Settings tab, see Adding User Definitions or Modifying User Definitions. For information on the user definition settings that can be changed on other tabs of the user definition editor, see:

To set the user locale for a user definition:

  1. Access the Regional Settings tab for a user definition. See Adding User Definitions or Modifying User Definitions.

  2. Select the location for the user definition in the drop-down list in the Regional Presets box.

  3. When all values have been specified, select to save the user definition.