Manage User Definitions

Composer provides the account management controls necessary to create user definitions and manage user access of Composer. Authorization for users to use product features and functions is controlled by the groups to which the users are assigned.

User definitions are managed by Composer administrators, users with the Can Administer Users group privilege, and supervisors. All such users can add and remove user definitions, but only supervisors can assign accounts to users and only administrators (or users with the Can Administer Groups group privilege) can assign users to groups. There are some other differences. For example, only administrators and users with the Can Administer Users group privilege can reset a user's password.

User definitions can be manually created or imported via the LDAP security protocol. In addition, if using SAML single sign-on protocol, users and groups may be automatically provisioned in Composer (account level synchronization). For more information, see Supported Authentication Tools.

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