Logging In

When you launch your browser and enter the web address provided by your administrator, you will see a login box. For more information on accessing Composer from a web browser, see Accessing Composer.

Your administrator's instructions provide guidance about using a single sign-on system if your organization's installation is configured to use one. In that case, select Login and proceed as directed by your organization's guidance. If your company uses Composer's authentication, select the box labeled Show Composer Authentication.

We recommend that you log into Composer for the first time using supervisor credentials. This allows you to review all the account-level features available. As a supervisor, you can access functions that let you define accounts and connect your data sources to Composer. You can also create and activate user accounts, including an admin user account that will allow you to access the admin functions. See Supplied User Definitions.

Signing On Using Composer Credentials

To sign on using Composer credentials, enter your username and password on the login screen.

If this is your first time accessing Composer, you may be asked to change a password. This is determined by your organization's administrator. For any questions or issues, contact your administrator.

After you have logged in, you can switch between the Composer accounts to which you have been assigned. See Switching Accounts.