Connections Page

The Connections page allows you to review and maintain the connection definitions used by Composer connectors.

You must be logged in as an administrator or as a user with the group privilege Can Manage Connections to see the Connections page.

To access the Connections page:

  1. Log into Composer as an administrator or as a user with the Can Manage Connections privilege.

  2. Select Connections on the top-level navigation banner or the UI menu () or select the Connections box on the Home page. The Connections page appears.

The Connections page shows a table listing all the connection definitions available. All columns except the Actions column are sortable.

Column Name Description
Type The logo showing the data store type to which the connection definition pertains.
Name The name of the connection definition.
Author The name of the user who defined the connection definition.
Modified Date The date the connection definition was last modified.
Sources The number of defined data source configurations that use the connection definition.
Actions Allows you to delete the connection definition.

Select to add a new connection definition.

If there are many connections listed, you may need to search for the connection you need. Use the search bar to search for a connection definition in the list. See Search for a Definition in a List.