Last Value

The last value metric in data is the last value in all the data values for a field, sorted by the time attribute selected for the time bar. If the latest date and time for the time attribute is exactly the same in multiple records, the last value for the field is the maximum value of the field in the records with the latest date and time.

When a Composer connector supports the last value feature, it determines and uses the last value of a selected field in the data.

Although many data stores implement a last value function, the Composer last value indicates that the last value in a given field collection can be loaded and used in a visual immediately.

Support for this feature by Composer connectors is shown in the following table.

Key: Y - Supported; N - Not Supported; N/A - not applicable

Connector Supported?
Amazon Redshift Y
Amazon S3 Y
Apache Drill Y
Apache Phoenix N
Apache Phoenix Query Server (QS) N
Apache Solr N
BigQuery Y
Cloudera Impala Y
Cloudera Search N
Couchbase N
Dremio Y
Elasticsearch 6.0 Y
Elasticsearch 7.0 Y
Flat File Y
Hive Y
Microsoft SQL Server Y
MongoDB N
Oracle Y
PostgreSQL Y
Presto Y
Real Time Sales Y
SAP Hana Y
Snowflake Y
Spark SQL Y
Teradata Y
Upload API Y
Vertica Y