Multivalued Fields

Some Composer connectors support aggregation by multivalued fields, such as arrays.

Support for this feature by Composer connectors is shown in the following table.

Key: Y - Supported; N - Not Supported; N/A - not applicable

Connector Supported? Notes
Amazon Redshift N/A  
Amazon S3 N/A
Apache Drill N/A  
Apache Phoenix N/A
Apache Phoenix Query Server (QS) N/A
Apache Solr Y The Apache Solr JSON API does not support metrics by multivalued fields.
BigQuery N/A  
Cloudera Impala N/A
Cloudera Search Y
Couchbase N/A The Couchbase connector supports multivalued fields with some limitations. See the detailed description in Manage the Couchbase Connector.
Dremio N/A  
Elasticsearch 6.0 Y
Elasticsearch 7.0 Y
Flat File N/A  
Hive N/A  
MemSQL N/A  
Microsoft SQL Server N/A  
MongoDB Y

Mongo DB unwinds multivalued fields which may result in incorrect metrics' results.

Oracle N/A
PostgreSQL N/A  
Presto N/A  
Real Time Sales N/A  
SAP Hana N/A  
Snowflake N/A  
Spark SQL N/A
Teradata N/A  
Upload API N/A  
Vertica N/A