Configure User Delegation for the Apache Solr Connector

User delegation is supported by Composer Apache Solr connectors.


A Solr Cloud cluster, version 6.4 or later, with Kerberos authentication must be available.

Configuration Steps

User delegation configuration for Solr is performed in two steps:

  1. Enable Kerberos delegation tokens.

    To enable Kerberos delegation tokens, set the Solr configuration parameter solr.kerberos.delegation.token.enabled to true (see Using Delegation Tokens in the Kerberos Authentication Plugin documentation) in the file on each Solr node.

  2. Configure proxy users and delegates.

    Configuration of proxy users and delegates is performed using these parameters in the file on each Solr node:

    • solr.kerberos.impersonator.user.<USER>.users

    • solr.kerberos.impersonator.user.<USER>.groups

    • solr.kerberos.impersonator.user.<USER>.hosts.

    Consider the following example:


    In this configuration, user proxy_user can impersonate users belonging to groups finance or marketing when connecting to a Solr instance from any host.

    all these parameters should be stored in file on each Solr node.