Elasticsearch 7 Composite Aggregation

Composite aggregations are implemented by Elasticsearch 7 connectors. This support optimizes aggregations of Elasticsearch 7 data, except for queries with:

  • histograms
  • time groups with WEEK granularity
  • multiple groups when group fields belong to different nested contexts.

An Elasticsearch 7 configuration property elasticsearch.query.composite-agg.max-fetch-size in the Elasticsearch 7 configuration file (edc-elasticsearch-7.0.properties) can be used to specify the maximum number of buckets to return for each query within a composite aggregation. Valid values must be greater than zero; the default value is 10000. This property corresponds to the Elasticsearch setting search.max_buckets, that also has a default value of 10000. If you elect to increase the value of the elasticsearch.query.composite-agg.max-fetch-size property, be sure to correspondingly increase the value of the Elasticsearch search.max_buckets setting.