Maintaining Custom Charts Using the Custom Chart CLI

Composer’s Custom Chart Command Line Interface (CLI) allows developers to create, manage, and delete custom charts without being connected to the client application. The CLI tool uses Node.js and is installed locally via npm.

After it is installed and configured, the Custom Chart CLI behaves much like any other command line tool. You can build projects, run tests, and push new visuals using npm scripts. The Custom Chart CLI also supports the configuration of multimetric and group variables.

For a full list of common commands, see Commands for the Custom Chart CLI. A step-by-step tutorial for creating a custom chart can be found at this link:

Before installing Composer's Custom Chart CLI, verify that Node.js and npm are installed on your machine and that its version is 6.x or later. A description of how to do this is provided in

This section covers the following topics:

You can also perform some maintenance tasks for custom charts using the Composer UI. See Managing Custom Charts in the UI.