Create Dashboards

Visuals and dashboards allow you to analyze your data in a variety of ways.

  • A visual is a single view of data source data. They can be stored and added to dashboards using the Visual Gallery.
  • A dashboard is a collection of one or more visuals. The visuals in a dashboard can be based on one data source or multiple data sources. For example, a single dashboard can contain two visuals using Solr, one using Impala, one using Elasticsearch, and another using a fused data source. When you create a dashboard, you must also create at least one visual.

To create a dashboard and its initial visual:

  1. Log into Composer as an administrator or a user who has been assigned to a group with the Can Administer Dashboards privilege.

  2. Select Library on the top-level navigation banner or the UI menu, or select the Dashboards box on the Home page. The dashboard library displays.

  3. Select . A blank dashboard appears showing options to add a new visual or place an existing visual.

  4. Select Add Visual to add a new visual to the dashboard. Select Place Existing Visual to place an existing visual on the dashboard.

  5. Save your dashboard. You are prompted to supply a name for the dashboard. After it is saved, the dashboard is a single-visual dashboard until you add additional visuals to it. To add additional visuals to the dashboard, see Add New Visuals to a Dashboard and Place Existing Visuals on a Dashboard.

After a dashboard is created, you can explore its data and work directly with its various visuals. You can modify, copy, export or delete its visuals. In addition, the data on the visual can be filtered (see Filter Data). Finally, you can share, export, or delete the dashboard (see Manage Dashboards).